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Victron Energy

Smart BMS CL 12/100

Smart BMS CL 12/100

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The Smart BMS CL 12/100 is a specially designed battery management system for charging Victron Lithium – Iron – phosphate Smart Batteries in 12v systems that incorporate a 12V alternator.


The BMS CL 12/100 monitors and protects the individual cells within the battery bank and disconnects the alternator, charge source, or DC load in the case of low / high battery voltage or over temperature conditions.

Equipped with a dedicated alternator input the unit provides current limiting and one-way flow from the alternator to the battery allowing safe usage of any size alternator and start battery.

This BMS is also features a remote on/off connection to turn the BMS and system off via a remote switch, and a pre-alarm contact which can be used to give a warning alarm signal prior to the BMS disconnecting the batteries from the system.

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