What happens to your grinder pump during a power outage?


Your grinder pump and its controls need reliable power to function. Even when your grinder pump fails, the alarm panel needs power to provide you with an alarm. 

Unless you have a backup source of power, your grinder pump is unable to move sewage away from your home. If you continue to use water, or even if you have a leaky toilet or fixture, your grinder pump tank will eventually fill, and it could overflow into your home. This could lead to tens of thousands of dollars in cleanup and repair costs. 

We offer state of the art battery backup systems powered by Victron Energy.

  • How does it work?

Our battery backup systems are charged from the grid, a solar array, or a generator. When the power goes out, they automatically switch to drawing power from the battery bank.

  • How long does it work for?

Our most basic system can run an average 1hp 240v grinder pump for 1.5 days. We can easily add more batteries for extended power failures.

  • Does it work with other pumps?

Yes! Everything from well pumps to sump pumps can be powered with our 120v and 240v battery backup systems.

  • Can I power other household items?

Absolutely! Our systems can be configured, duplicated, and scaled to power everything:

- Wifi router

- Furnace

- Refrigerator

- Electric clothes dryer

We also have plug and play systems available.

What else can a battery backup system do?

  • Remote monitoring

We can integrate remote monitoring via a Cerbo GX or Global Link device. 

You can receive alerts if you lose power, if your grinder pump alarm goes off, and even remotely control integrated devices, like lighting or silencing an alarm. 

  • Power conditioning 

If your facility or home has insufficient current capacity for a load, our equipment can match the waveform of your power supply and provide additional current from your battery bank. When your high current loads stop, the battery bank recharges. 

Perfect for large footprint facilities where the costs to run larger conductors is high and/or the installation process would be disruptive.  Additional load duration can be accommodated by a larger battery bank, so you can easily budget for growth. 

  • Generator fuel and operating cost reduction

55% reduction in fuel consumption

70% reduction in daily run time

70% reduction in maintenance visits

If you frequently use a generator for power, our systems can allow you to dramatically reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and noise. Most of the time a generator will be at 15% load. With our Victron Energy systems, we can use your generator to charge the battery bank and run high current loads, as well as use the Victron Energy system to supplement loads that your generator could not run on its own.  This allows your generator to be loaded to its maximum efficiency point. 

Call Grinder Pump Experts today to discuss a battery backup system for your pump, home, or equipment. 

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