Collection: DC Distribution and Installation

Victron Energy introduces the Lynx Distribution System, a versatile modular busbar system that integrates various functionalities such as DC connections, distribution, fusing, battery monitoring, and Lithium battery management.

The Lynx Distribution System comprises the following components:

  •  Lynx Power In: This component consists of a positive and negative busbar featuring four connections specifically designed for batteries or DC equipment.
  •  Lynx Distributor: Designed with a positive and negative busbar, the Lynx Distributor incorporates four fused connections for batteries or DC equipment, along with fuse monitoring capabilities.
  •  Lynx Shunt VE.Can: This component includes a positive busbar with provisions for a primary system fuse, and a negative busbar with a shunt for battery monitoring. It also integrates VE.Can communication for monitoring and setup using a GX device.
  •  Lynx Smart BMS: Designed for Victron Energy Smart Lithium batteries, it includes a contactor-driven positive busbar controlled by a battery management system (BMS) and a shunt-equipped negative busbar for battery monitoring. It offers Bluetooth communication for monitoring and setup via the VictronConnect App, as well as VE.Can communication for monitoring with a GX device and the VRM portal.