Collection: Solar Charge Controller

Imagine the possibility of boosting your solar panel's power output by 10 percent, 20 percent, or even 30 percent. When it comes to upgrading a solar power system, one of the primary steps is to enhance the solar controller and reconfigure the modules to support higher voltage. Victron solar charge controllers play a crucial role in maximizing solar performance and prolonging battery life, thanks to their built-in features that intelligently manage the charging process.

With Bluetooth functionality and user-friendly programming, Victron Smart Solar MPPT charge controllers offer a world-class user experience. Access up to 30 days of data-logged history effortlessly through the convenient and intuitive VictronConnect or VRM app, available free of charge.

At Grinder Pump Experts, we offer a diverse selection of over 50 models of Victron solar charge controllers. Why such variety? Because the solar market offers numerous module options, and each application demands the right controller to maximize its value.