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Blue Smart IP65 120V Charger

Blue Smart IP65 120V Charger

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The Blue Smart IP65 Charger is a professional, automotive-style battery charger with built-in Bluetooth, providing in depth information via the Victron Connect app.

It comes in a 6V, 12 V and 24 V version, and can be used on any battery type such as lead acid, AGM, or LiFePO4 battery. If you have a smaller battery, you can toggle the charger to trickle charge at a more tolerable 4 amps. 

The charger comes with both crocodile clips and M8 eyelets - making it easy to temporarily or permanently connect it to your battery.

The Blue Smart IP65 Charger is perfect for use on motor vehicles, such as cars, classic cars, motorbikes, boats and camper-vans.

Key features:

  • Water, dust and chemical resistant
  • Smart seven-step smart charge algorithm with optional reconditioning for lead-acid batteries
  • Custom Li-ion charge mode makes the IP65 an ideal charger for lithium ion batteries
  • Program & see voltage and charge cycle history using the Victron Connect app
  • Recovery of fully discharged ‘dead’ batteries
  • Optional power supply function, allowing you to use the charger as a DC power supply
  • Low power mode to safely trickle charge smaller batteries
  • Smart temperature compensation at every charge
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Backed by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty
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