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SEC America Corp

SEC 1622PS - 1800W Inverter/Charger

SEC 1622PS - 1800W Inverter/Charger

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A Grinder Pump Experts favorite, this plug and play, 1800 watt powerhouse can run up to a 3/4 HP 120V pump. 


  • Wire the battery into the DC terminals on the inverter/charger
  • Plug the inverter/charger into the wall outlet
  • Plug your pump or other loads into the outlet on the inverter/charger
  • Enjoy the security of automatic backup power and battery charging 

How does it work?

When the grid power goes out, the 1622PS automatically converts energy from the battery into power for your pump, refrigerator, or other 120v loads. When your power returns, the 1622PS automatically switches back to the grid, and charges your batteries until they are at their full capacity.

What is included?

  • 1622PS Inverter/Charger
  • Battery cables
  • Instruction manual

What you'll need

General application

  • Identify your inductive loads, which are anything with an electric motor or compressor (e.g. pump, refrigerator, window air conditioner)
  • Verify your combined inductive loads do not exceed 14A steady state current and or 33A start current
  • Modified sine wave inverters can cause some motors and compressors to operate less efficiently and produce more heat than usual. Do not use with appliances that are unable to dissipate additional heat or may be otherwise intolerant of modified sine wave power.  
  • SEC does not recommend the use of the 1622PS with pedestal pumps
  • Contact us for information on applications. We would be glad to talk inverters with you!

Made In USA

All of our employees at Grinder Pump Experts are actual experienced technicians based in Upstate NY. Feel free to contact us with application questions.

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