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Victron Energy

Smart BatteryProtect

Smart BatteryProtect

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The Smart BatteryProtect is a Uni-Directional device (Can only handle current in one direction, either current to load, or current from a charger) that is used to disconnect the battery from non-essential loads prior to complete discharge, or before draining the start battery below the crank level.

The BatteryProtect can be programmed via Bluetooth to disconnect at your preferred engage / disengage levels. It can also be programmed directly using programming pins to set 1 of 9 predefined engage / disengage levels.


Being a Uni-Directional Device the BatteryProtect can only handle current in one direction. Current must flow from the IN terminal to the OUT. In usage cases with a load the battery would be connected to the IN, in a use case with a charger the Charger would be connected to the IN.

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