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Victron Energy

VE.Bus BMS / VE.Bus BMS V2

VE.Bus BMS / VE.Bus BMS V2

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The VE.Bus BMS and BMS v2 are designed to protect your Victron Smart Lithium batteries in systems that have Victron inverters or inverter/chargers with VE.Bus communication.

The BMS monitors for and protects the batteries from over / under voltage and temperature.

 Based on the readings of the battery the BMS will:
              Generate a Pre-Alarm signal
              Disable inverting via the VE.Bus and disable loads via Load Disconnect
              Disable Charging Via VE.Bus or via “Charge disconnect” Terminal

  1. Bus BMS (Version 1) Is best used in systems that do not include a GX device.
    VE. Bus BMS V2 Includes additional features including:
    Remote On/Off Terminals
                  Ability to disable VE. Direct and VE.Can solar chargers via GX devices
                  Ability to control the VE.Bus inverter/charger from multiple devices, such as the Digital Multi           Control, the VE.Bus Smart dongle or a GX device
                  Auxiliary power input and output terminals that enable a GX device to remain powered on during a system shutdown.
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